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Back, last May 2015, we were contracted by a friend of ours who is also in the dollhouse miniature industry to fabricate a fence support system allowing for 8′ by 6′ vinyl fences to be installed on a Manhattan patio. It was a challenge and required 3,500 pounds of river rock stones to be poured into ten (10) boxes designed by us. Aida and I would like to thank Michael and Peter for all their hard work. We completed the trim work for this project two (2) weeks ago and have provided some photos of the finished product. Enjoy!IMG_2469IMG_2465IMG_2470


Delivery of Fox Hall Manor Dollhouse

Delivery of the Foxhall Manor dollhouse was made on July 1st 2016.Aida and I have been working on this kit  for about four (4) months and was finally given the green light to make the delivery. This 14 room dollhouse had a special room made for it to be showcased in. The house is now safe and secure in a beautiful home in Hampton Bay Long Island, NY.

We would like to share with you some more photos of work performed on the dollhouse. The first 2 photos represent the tape wiring that is used  to power the lights that will be installed in the dollhouse at a later time. Real parquet and red oak flooring was used in this dollhouse to give it that magnificent look. We would like to thank Aida’s sister Margie for putting in the time and effort positioning each  piece of parquet flooring prior to being glued down. This process is critical to ensure a nice tight fit between pieces thus giving it that wow factor.