Initial stage of Grandpa Munster Diorama

It has been awhile since we posted any of our work.  We started to make circuit boards as an accessory to a Moebius Grandpa Munster model kit that came out not too long ago.

We decided to put some animation into the control panel in this kit by wiring-in our circuit boards which allow LED’s that we installed in the panel to light up. Each circuit allows for an LED to flash at different rates giving the effect that it is a working control panel. The electrodes found at the top of the control panel were designed by Starlighting Projects, they are called “Electrodes of Doom”.

We still have to assemble and paint Grandpa Munster. Below is a photo of what we have so far. To see a video of the LED’s flashing on and off on the control panel and the electrodes, go to our Projects section found on the home page and click on Models. Enjoy!



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