Restoring a 1931 Dollhouse

We received a call in September 2017 from another dollhouse shop regarding the restoration of an old wooden dollhouse previously owned by a prominent New England resident named Frances Edwards (later Mrs. Prentiss Godfrey). Both families were held in high esteem in their native New England community. The dollhouse was built by a man (name unknown) in 1930 for Frances Edwards, she was born in 1921.

The dollhouse was built from wooden pallets. The construction was solid and amazingly still is, but of course 87 years of existence would require some restoration. We have before and after photos to give an idea as to what we were up against during the restore.

We filled every crack and pallet seam in order to make the dollhouse solid again and aesthetically pleasing. We painstakingly removed and restored 68 wooden window trim pieces from the dollhouse and removed all 10 damaged windows and fabricated our own. The house was re-wallpapered and new flooring was installed. The current owner did not want to electrify the dollhouse.




After photos: