Awesome Bayonne, NJ model builder

Bayonne, NJ holds many gifted and talented model building people, in particular a fellow by the name of Joseph Caci. Joe has been a patron of Pastime Hobbies for some time and has become a friend of ours. Joe has taken model building, airbrushing and weathering, particularly tank building to a new level. He can make a piece of plastic look like it is a worn and rusty piece of steel. His accomplishments in the hobby arena are the cumulative effects of his attention to detail. Please enjoy some photos taken of Joe’s finished work. Joe is a mechanic by trade and has even more talent in this field. Joe recently opened his own repair shop right here in Bayonne:

Joe’s Auto Electric

211 – 217 West  5th Street

Bayonne, NJ 07002

(201) 435 -7035


Revival of Model Kits In Bayonne, NJ

You would be amazed of how many gifted and talented model building folks reside in Bayonne, NJ. Wow, it is truly awesome. One of our friends, namely, Joseph Esposito, a Bayonne resident started out as a customer of ours and has been building model kits for 6 years, but collecting kits for 30 years. His passion and desire to learn new techniques is quite remarkable. We have the honor of displaying some of his work here at the shop.

The first two photos are 2 different Horizon vinyl kits built and hand-painted and posed together with Cyclops (of the X-Men) and Spider-man. The third photo is a custom vinyl Rocketeer bust also hand-painted. The last photo is a styrene plastic kit built and hand-painted of Superman.

Please enjoy the photos of Joe’s work!