Finishing touches on recent 1″ scale Roombox/Conservatory Project

Last month we were commissioned to build a Room box with attached Conservatory to house little pewter figurines purchased by our customer when she was traveling abroad.

We made our own brickwork and added some visuals to bring this project to life. Aida added a weathering technique to make the brick look a bit worn. Also, check out the view through the window. Enjoy!

Lionel Layout in the Making

We have seen many train layouts  develop over the years, but one in particular is coming along absolutely beautifully. Paul and Lucy have built there first layout 8 years back while still living in Bayonne, since then, they have moved down the Jersey shore into a beautiful home whereby their new Lionel layout resides, nestled in a sunny room on the 2nd floor.

The layout spans 22 feet by 16-1/2 feet. They are just starting to add the scenery to their layout. Please enjoy these photos. Hopefully more photos to come. Sorry that images are on its side.